Welcome to the web site for the Coastal Psychology & Education Associates, the therapy practice of Donna Ignelzi-Ferraro. Donna Ignelzi-Ferraro is a licensed psychologist practicing in Millville, DE. She specializes in several forms of outpatient therapy including cognitive behavioral therapy, structural family therapy, and clinical hypnotherapy.

She assists adolescents and adults who seek assistance in overcoming anxiety, depression, life's stressors, and relationship issues. As a licensed psychologist, Dr. Ignelzi-Ferraro also conducts comprehensive psychological evaluations. Cognitive behavioral therapy is present-focused and goal oriented. It involves collaboration between client and therapist. It is the most effective treatment for most mood and anxiety disorders. Structural family therapy examines the interactions between family members and looks at the functioning of the family. Clinical hypnotherapy is used for weight management, smoking cessation, phobias, stress release, and other issues.

Regular office hours are between 9 AM and 1 PM on Tuesday and Wednesday. Appointment times are available outside of regular office hours by request. When Dr. Ignelzi-Ferraro is with a client, she is not immediately available by telephone.

When Dr. Ignelzi-Ferraro is unavailable, her telephone is answered by an answering service (voice mail that she monitors frequently). Dr. Ignelzi-Ferraro will make every effort to return your call on the same day you make it, with the exception of weekends and holidays. If you are difficult to reach, please provide a phone number and a time when you are available.

In emergencies, you can contact Dr. Ignelzi-Ferraro at 410-430-5754(c). If you are unable to reach your therapist and feel that you cannot wait for a return call, contact your family physician or go to the nearest emergency room and ask for the psychologist or psychiatrist on call. (See Emergency & Suicide Threat Policy). If I am unavailable for an extended time, I will provide you with the name of a colleague to contact if necessary.

"I hope you find the information your are seeking regarding our professional services. Please feel free to call me (410-430-5754) to learn more about my practice or to set up an initial consultation."